"Who are we?" and "What's with the crazy company name?"... That's what this page answers. But first, we must squelch all the rumors - Not a single person on this page is faster than a speeding bullet; Nor can any one of us leap a tall building in a single bound. But together, as a team we've acheived some amazing results for our clients.

Not picture here are our virtual assistant production pods, sort of our "Secret Sauce." But, once you become our client, we'll wrap your business with a "Team of Experts" and then, it's all hands on deck... month after month after month, we'll get the job done!


Hey Dan, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS?

"You know, I'm not sure, but it's certainly better than 110 fingers."


Tucson, AZ

It's no secret, Dan Hollings is one of the most sought after internet marketers around. An internet strategist to celebrities, talk show hosts, NY Times best selling authors, world renowned entrepreneurs and smash hit movies.

The results of Dan's extraordinary internet talents have been touted on Larry King, Oprah, Degeneres, the cover of Newsweek, and numerous media outlets.

Dan is also an Amazon super-authority having sold over $300 million on the Amazon platform, authored numerous popular courses and helped over 51,434 Amazon sellers in recent years. Dan's Amazon client list includes celebrities, corporations, manufactures, Shark Tank entrepreneurs, ma & pa local business owners, schools, organizations and even Amazon Corporate itself.

Best of all, if you're seeking a helping hand, Dan is happy to lend one!

Hey Marc, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS?

"Purely mathematical... one person suggested 10HANDS, another loved 12HANDS... so we compromised."


Chicago, IL

Marc Vitorillo has spent more than a decade perfecting ecommerce strategies. He now sits at the helm of the innovative 11HANDS "Team Of Experts" concept. As our client, you can count on Marc to convert your digital data into sales and deliver the ecommerce insights you need to drive exponential results.

Marc was previously the Co-Founder and CMO of Tierra Science; empowering individuals with best-in-class products and information for health and well-being. Marc's company was recently acquired by a publicly traded company. Marc loves businesses that help others improve their life, overall health and well-being.

Marc continues repeatedly to generate six figure monthly sales for businesses... the only question is... will you be one of them?

Hey Ian, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS? 

"I still think 11 Feet would have been better, but then again... I guess nobody needs a helping foot."


Jerusalem, Israel

Ian Jascourt has 20 years of experience creating and leading teams; in fact, he's serviced 20,000+ customers. But our clients most appreciate his ability to deliver sustainable revenue and profit gains, even in competitive markets.

Ian brings an excellent balance of operational expertise, sales leadership and attention to detail within the 11HANDS environment. Ian is not afraid to take on new challenges and maintains a positive attitude through all situations.

11HANDS clients often brag about Ian's great help, but please don't mention this to Ian, or he'll start asking for a raise.


Hey MJ, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS?

"I've been trying to figure that out myself and can't quite put my finger on it."


Philadelphia, PA

Mohammed Jamil (MJ) is 11HANDS official strategy re-engineer(er). Like a marketing detective, he uncovers the hidden secrets of Amazon sellers who are making millions and then re-engineers these strategies for YOU, our client!

Originally from Bangladesh, with a Marketing MBA in hand, MJ journeyed to the USA in 2014 and went from a boring corporate job to a $50,000 revenue stream at Amazon in 3 months (and that was just the beginning).

Today, MJ has helped over 100 Amazon sellers (many are now making millions) and has helped launch more than 300 products on Amazon with remarkable success.

If you want to up-your-game on Amazon and perhaps achieve "Best Seller" status fast, look no further. MJ's strategies are an integral part of our "Team of Experts" concept, so YES... we can help you build an Amazon empire.

Hey Laney, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS?

"If you try to count to 110 on your fingers, you'll need 11 Hands... everybody knows this."


Portland, OR

Good design = good money (just think "APPLE"). That's why at 11HANDS, we take design serious. Fortunately we have Laney!

Laney Hsieh brings 12 years of "lead role" experience from the corporate design industry to our 11HANDS team. In fact, she even designs Amazon products from scratch.

Add to this, Laney's extensive hands-on eCommerce experience and you quickly realize why clients love Laney. She understands first-hand the real struggles that you as an eCommerce seller confront on a daily basis. But worry not, Laney offers unique solutions which give you a true advantage in the marketplace.

As a leader integrated within our 11HANDS' "team of experts," Laney delivers passionate solutions to you as our client helping you break through tough challenges and accelerate online and at Amazon.

Hey Divy, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS?

"They say 11 is a Master Number bringing higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural intelligence. Hands do the work."



Divy Bajpai is a determined and responsible senior project manager with more than 10 years of success boosting efficiency and streamlining procedures for SEO, SEM, Amazon, Google, Facebook products and PPC campaign management. Focused on smoothly overseeing financial, personnel and operational facets.

As a forward-thinking leader, Divy has strategically supported a myriad of e-commerce sellers here at 11HANDS, leading and overseeing product marketing and search engine activities within our marketing teams.

Divy, along with your own 11HANDS "Team of Experts," will help you deploy techniques to increase your product visibility in front of a defined target audience that truly need your product. Whether you're starting from scratch or have been at this for years, you are in good hands with Divy.

Hey Ashley, how did you come up with a name like 11HANDS? 

"11 is the first repdigit. In English, it is the smallest positive integer requiring three syllables and the largest prime number with a single-morpheme name... hope this helps!"


Vancouver, Canada

Ashley Armstrong is a product specialist, Amazon seller, and tour-de-force strategist who has helped thousands of companies create amazing results on Amazon. You can count on Ashley to deliver top-flight product strategy, along with great branding, messaging, positioning, marketing & customer retention.

11HANDS clients benefit directly from Ashleys firsthand experience with the often unknown and challenging minefields at Amazon, where simple pitfalls and missteps trap sellers, delay or completely undermine your success.

All this is nothing new for Ashley in fact for some 10-years she has unlocked the hidden potential for client growth through business development, strategic planning, e-commerce optimization, marketing, advertising campaigns and hands-on client training.

Ashley is ready to start when you are!