Let Our “Team Of Experts” Boost Your Sales


(Disclosure: Deploying All 3 Plans Can be Overwhelmingly Profitable.)


“Extreme Team”



Rank. Reviews. Revenue.


  • We start with strategy goals and forecasting of financial outcomes.
  • We do competitive research to unlock hidden avenues to profits.
  • We do deep dive keyword research for optimizing product listings.
  • We build-out and “max-optimize” your Amazon product listing.
  • We guide you toward a totally enhanced business presence.
  • We do amazing Amazon marketing and advertising plans.
  • We help increase legitimate Amazon Reviews and positive feedback.
  • We create and run killer Amazon PPC advertising campaigns.
  • We “Run Everything” with our never-ending marketing campaigns.
  • We unveil our exclusive email marketing “tricks of the trade.”.
  • We augment results with Amazon-specific third party tools to increase efficiency, productivity and sales.
  • We turn boring Amazon metrics and measurements into actionable extra revenue.
  • We oversee inventory, restocking and help manage account health.
  • We implement Amazon “TOS compliant” email marketing campaigns.
  • We fast-track complete A-Z Amazon Seller account set-up (for new Sellers or new brands).
  • Plus… This package includes our “same day” communication promise.




FOCUS: Implementation of Our Exclusive “Hyper-optimized” Shopify Store


  • We set up your new Ecommerce store (or re-work your existing store).
  • We set up an enhanced buyer database so you own and profit from YOUR customers instead of being governed by Amazon.
  • We develop custom goals and map-out new routes to success.
  • We custom design a “just for you” system tailored to achieve your goals.
  • We setup payment gateways, domain names and more. Yes sir, we do the yucky tech stuff everyone hates to do!
  • We cross-integrate marketing strategies to compliment your Amazon marketing.
  • We even develop new features and content to grow your investment.
  • We even stay up late at night thinking-up new ways to increase your bottomline.

NOTE: This plan includes all features from Plan A




FOCUS: Set-up Listings & Amplify Product Variations & Multi-packs for Amplifier Software Users.


  • We augment your inventory variations and listings via the powerful Amplifier software.
  • We figure out your best profit-grabbers and set them up as variations, sets and/or multi-packs.
  • We integrate your “extra” listing into the Amplifier software to assure proper fulfillment.
  • We set-up all your “extra” pages with full optimization of keywords, titles, bullets and descriptions.
  • We finish up, hand over your new money machine and encourage you to activate our “Extreme Team” Plan to take your Amplified listing to the next level.

PRE-REQUISITE: This plan requires you are an AmazoAmplifier Software subscriber